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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for InterCall V2.1

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Phone System [Print...]

When starting the software the following error message appears: ’Phone system cannot be initialized!’ ? What can I do?
The problem might be that the phone systems has not been configurated correctly. Double check the settings in Settings>Configurate Phone System.
If all settings are correct you need to check if another program is using the same COM-Port. Only one program can connect to the phone systems if the setting ’serial print’ is used. If for example the configuration software of the phone systems is still active this may block the COM-port and therefor the phone systems cannot connect to InterCall. At last please check if all cables are connected or replace the cables between the computer and the phone system.

Which phone systems does InterCall support?
all popular phone systems, especially AGFEO AS 40P also older models such as AS 40 using serial data record output
all popular models with data record output
all popular models with data record output in PC1, PC2 or PC4-format
all phone systems with serial data record output (COM-Port)
all phone systems with serial data record output (COM-Port)
all phone systems with serial data record output (COM-Port)
all phone systems with serial data record output (COM-Port)
T-Comfort 930 with connection to serial port
I3- and I5 models of Bosch/Tenovis
all popular models

Which VoIP systems does InterCall support?
Audiocodes (VoIP):
all popular models of the MP-11x series
AVM Fritz!Box (VoIP):
all popular Models with call monitor, especially AVM Fritz!Box Fon 5050 and 7050
Quintum (VoIP):
aall popular models, especially the Tenor Series
Sipura (VoIP):
all popular models, especially SPA 2000

If you want any additional phone system or VoIP router to be implemented in the InterCall software please call us at ++49 7461 – 966 5050.

Pricelist [Print...]

How can I import the pricelist of my provider in InterCall?
The pricelist should be in digital form (e.g. MS-Excel). It is very important that the list needs to show the country codes. Save this file as text file (.txt) devided by tab-stops, you can do this in MS-Excel for example.
1.) Go to Settings > Tariffs > Import > Import Assistent.
2.) Choose the pricelist that you have save as text file and define whether you wish to import purchase prices and/or sales prices. Then click on Next.
3.) You now see two list. The list on the left side shows the data that can be imported and the list on the right side shows the data that is included in your text file. Use the arrow buttons to align the entries on both sides.
4.) You now see a preview of the imported data. If all looks correct to you then click on Finish to finish the import.
For a more detailed description please see the InterCall manual:

How can I charge for special phone numbers such as 0800-numbers?
Define a new zone in the pricelist. Always define the country code of your country as if you would be calling from outside the country.
Example for Germany:
0180-numbers: 0049180
0800-numbers: 0049800
The only exception are service numbers such as for example the operator. These numbers need to be indicated as if they were in the same city but calling from outside of the country.
Example for Germany:
Your city code is for example 089-:
118-numbers: 004989118
When the new zone has been defined it will be shown at the very bottom of the pricelist. You can now define the prices for this zone. If there is a * in the field of the price a message will appear which you will have to confirm with Yes.

Display of call data [Print...]

What can be done if the software doesn't show the call data?
If the message ’Phone system cannot be initialzed’ appears you can read the FAQ “When starting the software the following error message appears: ’Phone system cannot be initialized!’ ? What can I do?“ . Also check if the telephones have the correct internal extension number. The FAQ “How can I add a cabin/telephone?“ describes how to do this.

What can be done if the software shows the call data too late?
If you are using an Agfeo phone system with TK-Suite the reason can be that TK-Suite passes the data to the software very late. In this case you can switch from TK-Suite to ’Serial Print’. For a more detailed description please see the InterCall manual:

Why do all calls get charged as regional calls?
Check if the country and regional codes have been defined correctly in the software. Also check the LCR-number of the provider which needs to be defined in the software in ’LCR’ .

Registration [Print...]

How can InterCall V2.1 be registered?
Go to ? → Registration
Enter the registration data (Registration name and Software Key) in the registration boxes.
• Please mind small and capital letters
• You need to be connected to the internet for the registration
• The computer language needs to be set to a language with latin letters (no arabic)

What is the difference between Online- and Offline-Registration?
The Online-Registration is much easier and is therefor recommended. You need to enter the data that you have received for the registration. The Offline-Registration is only applicable if the computer permanently dosn't have an internet connection. You will then have to ask for a special registration code from your dealer or blue image.

What is the HardwareCode for?
The HardwareCode is needed for the Offline-Registration.

Other [Print...]

Which files need to be saved for a backup?
All data is being saved in the files TKDaten.mdb, TKJournal.mdb and TKPrices.mdb. These files are saved in the InterCall folder and should be saved to a different folder for backup reasons at regular times. The subfile DataBases can be added to the backups since it might hold old data that you wish to be saved.

How can a cabin/telephone be added in the software?
To add a telephone it is necessary to know the internal extension number of this phone. If you don`t know this number follow these steps:
1.) Go to Settings > Telephone > Add.
2.) Enter the name of the telephone or cabin (for example Cabin 01).
3.) To find out the internal extension number make a short phone call from this phone. It is necessary to get a connection where someone picks up the phone on the other side. After this call has been made the extension number will automatically be shown in the software. If the number doesn't appear the telephone might already be added with a different name or the phone system has not been configurated correctly.
4.) You can now define some special settings for this phone such as usage fees etc.
5.) Confirm the settings with OK.

For more information please call +49-7461-966-500.
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